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New for 2013! Many thanks to Nicky Baldrian of Two Side Moon Promotions – TSM is now representing David Cosgrove in the UK and Europe. Click here to read David Cosgrove’s press bio.

In the first instance please contact Nicky Baldrian at: twosidemoon.promo@ntlworld.com

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“This is a magical keyboard, percussion and effects journey created by David Cosgrove.”

“[Space Toucan] is an album of surprises and wonder. You will be entertained throughout.”

Mark Johnson – Sea of Tranquility

“Cosgrove is a unique artist and this collection of music offers a fun and varied listening experience. All the songs are invariably connected by Cosgrove’s wonderful piano and keyboard work. I highly recommend it.”

“Cosgrove is one of those rare authentic musical talents – he plays multiple instruments and incorporates multiple musical styles into his compositions. His advanced work on keys and guitar serve here as your primary guides.”

Grady Stuart – HollywoodWorx

“These tunes are quite upbeat with a synth sound that sounds like Rick Wakeman is playing Keith Emerson’s keyboard rig.”

“I’m reminded of Eddie Jobson’s work on The Green Album.”

Jerry Lucky – Jerry Lucky

“The journey starts with a bright and energetic pure prog romp called “Corridors”, where the keyboard-oriented nature of Cosgrove’s material is immediately apparent. This is where the man is at his best, whipping up huge key-driven tunes in the vein of Asia and even Spock’s Beard.”

Mike Korn – HollywoodWorx

“The near 60 minute extravaganza kicks off with the bright catchy anthem “Corridors” with triumphant Keith Emerson-esque keyboard work that quickly establishes Cosgrove as a master of his own domain.”

“Uncommon in today’s music (but definitely harking back to better times) is an instrumental solo section. There are two keyboard solos, the second with a Moog or ARP analog lead that brings one back to Rick Wakeman at the height of his powers.”

Len Butters – HollywoodWorx

Click here to purchase Space Toucan (A Neotropical Dream).

“David Cosgrove’s Gift Of Time is an enthusiastic release of electronica, new age, and fusion musical styles are rolled into one. The ten songs are unique and varied without the addition of vocals. The instrumental songs border on dance, soundtrack, and atmospheric genres with washes of aural sounds that span the gamut from laser-like to buzz-driven, but always with a melodic rhythm. The incredible ability to capture a rich depth of sound is David’s forte. Many of the songs are over five-minutes long, which provides a rewarding and worthwhile experience. Fans of Tangerine Dream will be especially pleased.”

Artist: David Cosgrove
Album: Gift Of Time
Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)
Review by Matthew Forss

“There is no doubt the man has talent. Gift Of Time offers the listener well played instrumental keyboard/synth music.”

Sea of Tranquility review by Jon Neudorf

Kinesis Progressive Rock CD & DVD Store says “Gift of Time is one of the best electronic music CDs we’ve heard in recent years, It is melodic, rhythmic, high-energy synth music for wide awake listening, great in the car player for nighttime driving.”

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