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5 Stars for Gift of Time by David Cosgrove | Review by Matthew Forss

Connecticut-based electronic musician and multi-instrumentalist, David Cosgrove, creates an upbeat, spacey adventure of sound on the ten-track, 2008 release, Gift Of Time. The music is influenced by Mike Oldfield and Ian Anderson with a little Tangerine Dream and Enya thrown in. There are serene moments and quirky embellishments that provide a musical homage to the synth music of the 1980s and 90s, but it is created with the present and future in mind.

gift-of-time-front-panel“Fujiyama Sleighride” opens with a brisk percussion segment that is swishy with loads of tapping sounds. The sound is punctuated by distant drums, symphonic piercings of synth sound, and pizzicato-like strings with bellowing, indiscriminate male vocal utterances. The cinematic strings kick in about a minute from the start of the song without much in the way of accompaniment. However, there are sparkling tones and clickety percussion that sounds raw and unplugged. A repetitive and classical melody continues until the percussion picks up a little tempo and a more dance-like rhythm. There are harp-like embellishments and the same male utterances near the latter half of the song. There is a distinct growling sound a few times throughout the song, but nothing is too banal here.

“Gift Of Time” begins with a blurby, dance rhythm with spacey synth sounds and electronic-infused brew of sonic beauty. The atmospheric sounds bleed into a brisk, swishy and metallic dance melody with a good bass line. The drum sounds are more indicative of fast doumbek playing that is electronically-derived. The spacious percussion sounds and aural tapestry of noises compliments the adventurous song that would nicely compliment any type of space exploration.

“Sombrero” opens with an atmospheric wash and a few reverberating electronic tones. There are background clicks and symphonic washes indicative of early Enigma. There is a light beat holding it all together, but the angelic vocal washes and cascade of sounds provides an enthralling composition. If Enigma joined forces with Enya, this would be the musical result. There are a few rock-infused adornments with big drums and a little electric guitar. However, the majority of the song is overtly new age and electronic.

“Atlantis Falls” begins with a swishy, watery sound with atmospheric effects and drippy percussion noises that carry the song to spacey heights. The percussion is punctuated with keyboard washes and electronic buzzes that meld with jingly sounds of aural goodness. The almost rock instrumental song is completely void of vocals and full of shimmering, electronic infusions.

“Sun God Siesta” opens with a spritely guitar and airy wind opening that contains some new age percussion and angelic intonations that are also punchy in spots—almost resembling a didgeridoo. The metallic strumming and spacey musical foundation creates a chilling affect that does not disappoint. The spacey song takes on a melodic and rhythmic tone in the vein of Tangerine Dream via Vangelis. The spacious percussion, fluid electronics, and swishy noises provide a highly-textural result with cascading pulsations of laser-like embellishments.

David Cosgrove’s Gift Of Time is an enthusiastic release of electronica, new age, and fusion musical styles are rolled into one. The ten songs are unique and varied without the addition of vocals. The instrumental songs border on dance, soundtrack, and atmospheric genres with washes of aural sounds that span the gamut from laser-like to buzz-driven, but always with a melodic rhythm. The incredible ability to capture a rich depth of sound is David’s forte. Many of the songs are over five-minutes long, which provides a rewarding and worthwhile experience. Fans of Tangerine Dream will be especially pleased.

Artist: David Cosgrove

Album: Gift Of Time

Review by Matthew Forss

Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)

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